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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and david murph murphy. good morning, we're following new developments in the case of a two your child shot on thanksgiving. police have made an arrest. floors hasn'tder son, the actress best known for carol brady died it is black friday, stores are gearing up for crowds this morning. some shoppers ditched the pi of left overs, and there's a big tv in the lobby of my house. >> good morning to you, it's
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4:30. let's head on over to david murphy. good morning. good morning, we're off to a somewhat cloudy start. there may be a couple of early sunny breaks but the clouds, fill in thickly. i'm not expecting a lot of rain until this evening, when there's a better chance of shower popping in. 44 in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. 44 in trenton. 39 in wilmington and 38 in millville. arlt side of the wind barbs not sure what they wanted to. we still got no real pronounced wind across the region, five miles per hour in philadelphia but all these 0s indicate calm and at times in the city also have calm wind profiles. early sunny breaks can't be ruled out. 41 by 7:00, 46 by 10:00. 58 is your high at 3:00 and back
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down to 50, and down to the 40's pretty quickly. as we get to the opening the, in a moment, i'll show you on future tracker 6. we got the weekend call now, it's ahead in the accu weather seven-day >> i was just going to ask if i should wash my car today >> there's going to be a shower tonight. i don't know. >> i'll wait. good morning to you, david. let the games begin, it is time to head out, to him to do your black friday shopping. although many of the malls are not open at this hour. this is king of prussia. 202 by the king of prussia mall. it was open until 1:00 this morning, closed few hours, but will reopen in an hour and a half at 6:00. get up. have your turkey omlette and get ready to get back out. we had a crash north of pottstown, south land at upland square drive gone now. no issues compared to the coventry mall this morning or the philadelphia premium outlets
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in limerick, everything is open and clear during 422 and looking clear along the pa turnpike. these malls are not open right now. most open up at 6:00 this morning, but overnight construction to contend with, traffic is moving well, speeds in the 60's and even 70's as you travel on 276. the turnpike, on the big picture, no big issues on the schuylkill, the boulevard or 95. aiken's oval already open after the big parade. no traffic on the vine. we start with break news, police in hamilton nj are near the hamilton mall. they were called out about an hours ago with reports of two people being shot. early word is one person may be seriously hurt. near the mace's side entrance. >> a black friday the shopper is
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super bowl. some people got a jump on their christmas shopping on thanksgiving itself. but bigger crowds are expected today. the action cam and let's go over to windy salts man she got the latest on this big morning for shoppers. wendy? >> reporter: we're apparent little bit of trouble. coming up in about minutes. we'll give black friday play book, it's exclusive for 6 abc viewers. time now 4:34. following more breaking news this morning, beloved actress florence henderson died. heartbreaking news this morning. henderson went from broadway
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star to tv icon in the late 1960 when is she became known, of course, as carol brady on the popular show the brady bunch. she died in los angeles due to heart failure. she leaves behind four children and five grandchildren. floors henderson was 82 years old. there's more breaking news to tell you about. philadelphia police arrested the mother of a toddler he don't was shot while she was cooking thanksgiving. the 2-year-old was injured while a four-year-old playing with a .40 caliber gun that the two found inside their north philadelphia home. this happened on the 3500 block of north 9th street on thanksgiving day. >> we're getting information that the mother was preparing thanksgiving dinner when two children were playing with the gun. >> this morning, that child is in critical but stable condition at saint christopher's hospital. police charged the mother with child endangerment. her boyfriend charged with
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firearms violations. new this morning from our new jersey newsroom. a holiday price for trenton's fire chief. they surprised thief todd phelps with a holiday feast. it was part of the bakery's second annual hero contest. they honored them for their hard work and did he do indicating throughout the year. barack obama invited family and friends to join him in the white house. he made phone calls to service member overseas. he wished them a happy thanksgiving and thanked them for their service. first family enjoyed the holiday feast. family and friends gathered at the white house for a meal that includes all the thanksgiving delights and six different pies. president-elect trump is spending this thanksgiving holiday at had us mar lar go
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resort. he said he's working hard even on thanksgiving, making progress. we'll know soon. progress on the weather? a lot of people heading out. progress will mean clear skies as they stand in line. >> progress look at it from the rain. storm tracker 6 double scan shows you we're dry, we have cloudy skies across most region on sky tracker 6 including over the ben franklin bridge. there could be a couple of sunny breaks but generally speaking we are looking at things clouding up quick and staying overcast today. 44 as step out the door, chilly side but a couple of degrees better than yesterday. and we're still looking at light wind, five miles per hour right now in philadelphia. a lot of the area looking at calm winds. future tracker 6 shows you there might be a little break in the action early. pretty quickly the clouds roll in and through the day there's the chance of spotty sprinkle or shark doesn't look like it's
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going to be a big-through the afternoon hours. we're up to 6:00 and you see a little more rain gathering and it's possible during evening we get a sweep of rain. model wants to put it mainly from philadelphia through south jersey and delaware and of course, you can tune into action news later on in the evening hours or the late afternoon hours if you want to just check that out and see if that's developing in that fashion. for black friday, 41 degrees by 7:00, for you early shoppers, for example by 10:00, 55 under gathering clouds boy 1:00. 56 by 4:00. that's coming down from a high of 58 at 3:00 this afternoon. by 7:00, we're back down to the upper 40's, again, dry across about half the region. maybe by 7:00 getting a little bit damp down south, light winds out there. not bad to go out and get stuff done if that's what you're thinking about. 50 is your high in allentown. one of those days where we will have a pretty wide range of temperatures in the i95 corridor. mid to upper 50, 58 in
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millville, then back in cape may probably settling on about 54. if you are traveling today, well, by 1:00 this afternoon ethics are the temperatures, heading up towards burlington and maybe up toward bangor maine you got a problem with snow. but everybody else outside of just a little snow shower in weren't pa looking. out to midwest. unlike wednesday, we're looking at tranquil conditions towards the great lakes. weekend high of 54 saturday, partly sunny and breezy behind the system and breezy but dry again on sunday. saturday night, temple, the final regular season game, 47 degrees for the kickoff, 43 in the fourth quarter and wind not all that bad. exclusive signature seven-day forecast going for a high of 58, mostly cloudy skies, couple of sprinkles but best chance of shower tonight. sunny breaks and breezy saturday. 54 the high, partly sunny and breezy on sunday with a high of 52. monday high of 54, looks like we
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stay dry for eagles football monday night. back into the 60's tuesday and wednesday but you can see how there is a chance of rain moving in tuesday afternoon. off and on wednesday. >> i see 60's, i'm has that. it is 4:40. police investigating a deadly shooting over a parking space outside of wal-mart out west. california mother missing three weeks has been found safe we're live in bucks county along route 1 this super highway you're fine if your headed to the oxford valley mall. we'll check them after break on this black friday morning.
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eks has been found safe
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good morning on this day after thauchlg glad thanksgiving. 4:43 over the commodore barry bridge. we'll let you know if you need the coats as you go shopping. few people like us may have to go into the office moment will be trying to get to those malls. let's go over to matt to see what you're dealing with >> let's the games begin, it is timing shopping, some people got their start on that overnight of course. and those philadelphia premium outline let's opened up overnight. if you're headed out there this morning along 422, so far, so good, you might find a little hor traffic than what you're used to at this hour, 4:43 in the morning, people have been up and about, travel patterns little bit irregular, overall volume is light. here at route 29 you'd be headed westbound if you're headed out
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towards the premium outlets, right now, you don't have a ton of company. north of pottstown there was an overnight crash along 100. southbound side of upland square drive been cleared out of the way. we're watching fire department activity south of pottstown in north could have ven tri. getting word of a broken down vehicle in the heart of norristown. that's along elm street, no issues and overnight construction, if you're trying to drive the northeast extension or the east west turnpike maybe overtowards the big printing pretty much mall which reopen this morning at 6:00. live look at 42 in south jersey. here at creek road. northbound come the headlights, southbound towards gloucester premium outlets look like a good ride at this point with in major complaints. if you're at the shore, keep in mind tomorrow is small business saturday. a lot of these shore towns a great places in which to shop and support the local small
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business, the 96th street bridge open, you can get in and out more easily than you could when it was closed. so much for the update, 4:45. breaking news to tell you about. holiday shopping turned to deadly violence in in nevada. one person was shot and killed. this happened over a parking space in reknow at a wal-mart parking spot. police continue to investigate. we know police have taken a suspect into custody. new an explosion level add mobile home in northern california killing four people inside. a neighbor who captured these flames shooting through the air says there was nothing that anyone could have done save the people trapped inside. he says the couple living in the home were caring for their grandchildren. the cause is still under investigation. in a surprising update in case of that northern california mother who disappeared out
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joggingly she has been found alive and safe. police say papina was released earliest morning, she had been bound but able to flag a passing driver, they're looking for two hispanic women as the upsettings. they called papina a super mom who would never abandon her young can children. a pregnant kentucky woman saved man, she stopped in her car surrounded by flames from a live electrical wire. she climbed the ladder to the roof of that trailer to help the victim. he didn't have a pulse. she immediately started cpr. >> knowing that i help give him that back, that, you know, that mean as lot to me. >> the victim regained
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consciousness and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, bogs, who's nine months pregnant is scheduled for a csection on monday. wow. save someone's life. it is 4:l you the earliest settlers that could be proof of the first pilgrims. >> we'll tell you how you can't couple is making changes right from their own home. in time for thanksgiving
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listen to this. researchers think they have found the original pilgrims settlement. it could reveal more details about the guns they used back in the 17th century. newly found ceramics and other have under investigation right now at the university of massachusetts. >> i did a story at the plantation on all the people who descended from the pilgrims and all of that a few years back. it's cool place to visit. now it's even cooler. >> i love stuff like that. >> having on the roadway, did you head outside? it's looking good in exton chester county if you're headed to the mall reopening around 6:00 this morning or maybe the
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exton shopping complex nearby. traffic is fine. volume still pretty light. if you're headed away from the hamilton mall where we had the issues overnight, things look ok on 40 but there is a down pole near mays landing. you can squeeze by, but something to watch out for. mostly normal schedules on mass transit although the city septa busses and trolleys are still running. it's not alexander hamilton, it's the mall 42 trees by 7:00. might be sunny breaks, by 10:00, 46 tnoon, 53, by 3:00, 58 that is your high and by 6:00 back down to 50. there's the chance of an odd sprinkle or shower through the day but i think the better chance is later on this evening. probably after dinnertime. as we take a look at the big board, all green aircraft.
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no major delays, we do have precipitation out in chicago right now, perhaps something later on there. greg? >> david? thank you. light to remind you you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6, double scan radar any time, go to 6 time 4:52. if you're waking up, colorado couple created a nonprofit that insures kids with special needs able to play with the popular toys. diana and steve watson are the founders of santas's liquid hack kers. their son max has the coolest job ever the official toy tester. >> you buy a toy for $80. you don't know if it's going to work for them. on previous christmases, the child would open the toy and it's not a toy they could play with. they didn't couldn't squeeze the button that's on the hand or on
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the toy. by making this adaptation, they can push the button and watch it sing. >> what a great act of kindness, the toys are donated responding to wish list, the santa's little hackers website and last year the watson's modified and shipped 500 toys to 45 states in eight countries. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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action news delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell atm will he edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy. i'm tamala edwards. two people shot in a parking lot near a macy's in south jersey. this as a


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